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Dear Friends,

Firstly, please allow me to thank you for your time in reading this letter. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly summarise the philosophy of the company I founded in 1990 and which has since then focused on one area only – the magnificent world of ladies and men’s luxury fashion.

Every person is an individual, each of us is unique. To recognise everyone’s individuality has always been the goal of onvi & onavi and Cielo shops. We do not wish to encourage members of a unified and uniformed “flock“, but strive to realise perfectly dressed individuals and personalities, confident and in touch with their feelings. In our many years of experience with fashion and clothing, we have guided and directed our customers through the complexity of various directions in fashion, materials, colours and brands, all to their absolute satisfaction.

In order to advise you well, our employees attend compulsory training. Shop managers travel with us to trade fairs and select merchandise collections. In this way they become competent, knowing “their“ merchandise well, passing the experience directly to their colleagues and together creating a team you can trust while shopping with us.

I never planned to open a shop (and I never did) in which you would find only one brand. At onvi & onavi and Cielo boutiques I have the opportunity to offer you a wide range of merchandise. I can introduce you to more colour possibilities, cuts and collections, as each of the brands you will find with us is different, simply, it has its own character and philosophy. With us, you can find brands well known in the media, trendy and interesting, but also brands that during all of their lifetime invest their expertise and finance into the development and improvement of their products, and belong among the top players in the industry. It is purely up to which manufacturer’s attitude towards their product and brand you find the most attractive. Selecting the appropriate brands for onvi & onavi and Cielo shops is a great challenge even for us, and this is why we frequently expand or change our portfolio.

Knowing that we cannot always fully satisfy every one of our customers, be assured that my  colleagues and I have endeavoured throughout onvi & onavi’s and Cielo's existence to apply the motto: “The most important person at onvi & onavi and Cielo is our customer“.

I am very pleased that many of you and an increasing number of new customers have selected onvi & onavi and Cielo and remain our regular and loyal customers. I wish to thank you very much indeed.

And to those of you, who in the immense flood of offers at shopping centres, shops large or small, boutiques and galleries, are still searching for “that right shop“, my message is: “Come over and try it with us, maybe you will like it“.

My sincere welcome to all of you.

With my best regards, looking forward to seeing you.


Petr Nebeský

The most important person at onvi&onavi is our customer.